Our consulting division provides specialist advice and support services related to the downstream oil and
gas sectors in Australia and across the globe. Our deep knowledge and experience allows us to assist clients
across a range of activities including; energy sourcing, oil and gas trading, shipping, energy demand management,
operational improvement, energy procurement (bulk fuels, gas, and electricity), strategy development and
execution. Our clients include oil refiners, gas marketers and major mining and manufacturing operations.

Our approach to consulting assignments has been developed over 30 years of assisting clients.
The broad structure entails identifying;

1.     What is driving and influencing the client’s current performance.

2.     What improvement potential exists in the organisation and what is stopping it from realising this potential.

3.     What is the client organisations culture and does it have the ability to deliver and maintain the identified improvements,

4.     What training, development or other change is required to position the client for improved performance.

5.     We report on the achievable improvements, set achievable targets, then help the client to deliver them

Our approach is unlike traditional consultants. We not only identify improvement potential, we equip our
clients with the ability to deliver this improvement then remain engaged until the potential improvements have
been monetised and become entrenched in our client’s organisation.