Hilditch Pty Ltd is an Australian privately owned international trading company headquartered in Melbourne. We trade
in base oils, fuels and other refined oil products, crude oil, bulk and packaged chemicals, and other specialty chemicals.


Hilditch Pty Ltd has its origins in a chemical business founded in Australia in 1964 by Michael Hilditch. And now with our many strong relationships within the chemical and petroleum industries around the world combined with our long commercial experience we are in a perfect position to either supply from or supply to many locations in the world. We currently trade with companies and groups in Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, USA and of course Australia. We are constantly travelling to and communicating with these markets, and have long established contacts and relationships in many other countries. We believe that our skills, endeavour and integrity are second to none and we invite you to join the growing number of people around the world whom now deal with Hilditch Pty Ltd. As a fully independent company we believe one of our strengths is that we have the flexibility to negotiate and structure contracts to meet a wide range of diverse requirements in a way that many larger corporations aren’t able to.


Our ever-present concern is to provide what is really our major ‘product’, that is unmatchable service to the buyer or seller of the goods in the world market place. We are dedicated, motivated people with a wide experience and knowledge of international trading and distribution and the many disciplines that it encompasses. We aim to work with our suppliers and customers on a personal basis since it is our philosophy to know all of our associates very well, to understand what they want, and how they want it done. We then meet their needs in a professional manner with immediacy of action, attention to detail and not least, with total integrity. We intend to make all of our relationships friendly, professional, rewarding and long lasting. It is our job to be alert to all aspects of the market for the products in which we are involved and to gather the best possible intelligence network and capability for handling these products. This involves keeping abreast with the dynamic ever-changing supply and demand patterns, the impact of technological discoveries, environmental developments and legislative changes. By combining our skills and service we aim to make a worthwhile contribution to the operation and profitability of our clients, achieve a profit for ourselves, and forge lasting relationships.


We will continuously work on improving our business, increasing our return for shareholders, and strengthening our business relationships with all of our customers and suppliers. Our company will grow by increasing the volume of business we do with our current partners and by taking up new opportunities that we will make for ourselves as markets, products, and demands forever change. We are always seeking new business opportunities and to establish new relationships around the world.