About Hilditch

55 years of experience in global markets and supply chain negotiation delivers us the best contracts and prices.

Hilditch Pty Ltd began as a chemical business in 1964 having been founded by Michael Hilditch. In the decades since then Hilditch has grown and evolved to supply many more products and services to markets around the world.

We trade in base oils, fuels and other refined oil products, crude oil, bulk and packaged chemicals, and other specialty chemicals. And, we trade with groups in Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, USA and of course Australia.

We are constantly travelling to and communicating with these markets, and have long established contacts and relationships in many countries. We believe that our skills, endeavour and integrity are our primary product and we invite you to join the growing number of people around the world whom now deal with Hilditch Pty Ltd.

As a fully independent company we believe one of our strengths is that we have the flexibility to negotiate and structure contracts to meet a wide range of diverse requirements in a way that many larger corporations aren’t able to.

Company History Timeline


The Hilditch Vine Group of Companies is established by Michael Hilditch and Vincent Vine as an independent marketing and distribution operation, based on imported chemicals and fertilizers.


The relationship between parcel tanker company, Dorval and Hilditch Vine is established, as both companies begin international bulk liquid trading.


The Hilditch Vine Group of Companies complete their first international oil trade between Japan and the United States, marking the beginning of what is now an internationally recognised reputation for profitable trade deals.


The Hilditch Vine Group of Companies establish offices in London, Tokyo, Houston, Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide and maintain activities in bulk liquid import and trade.


Hilditch Pty Ltd is formed by Michael Hilditch and Patrick Hilditch in Melbourne as a consulting, trading, and import and distribution company.


Hilditch Pty Ltd begins importing SK base oils, the beginning of a long term trade relationship still thriving today.


Grain Corp completes the construction of the base oil storage terminal at Port Kembla dedicated exclusively to the Hilditch Base Oil business.


Hilditch Pty Ltd acquires Oilchem Pty Ltd, the largest solvent and lubricants distributor in Victoria. Located in Epping, the Hilditch Oilchem storage terminal comprises of over two and a half million litres of tank capacity, blending facilities, and dangerous goods warehousing. More here.


Chevron Products Company announces a base oil distribution agreement with Hilditch Pty Ltd to import and distribute Group II base oils. More here.