Hilditch has a proven track record in innovative supply chain solutions and continuity of supply to the mining industry.

We source a range of low to high viscosity paraffinic base oils, naphthenic oils and re-refined base oils to meet any mining industry challenge.

Yubase 3 is Fit for Purpose.

Yubase 3 is a key component in the production of emulsion explosives. Emulsion explosives utilize base oil with water for a number of different scenarios. Depending on the type of explosive depth Yubase 3 oil can be relied on to deliver the right quality and cost appropriate component in any product in the emulsifier range.

  • Yubase 3 is utilised by Australia‚Äôs best blasting experts
  • Yubase 3 is of premium quality at the best cost
  • Yubase 3 is available through Hilditch to any Australian state or territory

Alternatives to Diesel

Naphthenic and re-refined base oils provide alternatives for diesel. Our range of imported naphthenic oils are quality controlled and tested for best viscosity and wax content. Our re-fined oils are readily sourced and stored domestically for ease of access and appropriate pricing.

  • Naphthenic oils are quality controlled, tested, and imported to order
  • Re-refined oils are sourced internationally and stored domestically