Base Oils

Our long-standing partnerships with international suppliers bolster our maintenance of Group II (Chevron), Group III (SK Lubricants), and Group I (Re-refined) base oil supply.

We are known for our reliable inventory supply because of our close and personal relationships with customers and suppliers.

SK Lubricants Group III Base Oils

SK Lubricants range of Yubase Products are imported to service domestic supply across multiple industries. These Group III products are world-class leaders and meet industry approvals. As global trends demand more efficient base oils, SK Lubricants remain committed to high performance and high-quality products. Yubase base oils boast a high viscosity index for applications in automotive innovation and environmental regulations.

Products we supply

  • Yubase 3
  • Yubase 4
  • Yubase 4 Plus
  • Yubase 6
  • Yubase 6 Plus

Chevron Group II Base Oils

Recently Hilditch joins Chevron’s strategically located base oil supply network. Chevron’s growing Group II presence in Australia will enhance formulating flexibility for the region’s marketers of premium lubricants. Chevron’s extensive qualifications portfolio coupled with Hilditch’s in-region knowledge and services backed up by Chevron’s marketing and technical support can help formulators seamlessly integrate Chevron Group II base oils into their supply chain.

Products we supply

  • Chevron 150R
  • Chevron 600R
  • Chevron 100R (coming soon)
  • Chevron 220R (coming soon)