SK Lubricants is the global leader in the refining and marketing of Group III base oils.  With a full range of technology and innovation SK is well placed to offer a Yubase formulation for current and future trends.

Since 1995 Hilditch have imported SK Lubricants’ Yubase products to service Australian industry requirements. Over that time, we have seen significant growth in Yubase demand and significant improvements to the Yubase products to meet improvements in manufacturing, automotive spec, and agricultural innovations.

Our partnership with SK Lubricants is well established and we carefully manage a domestic inventory of SK products to meet local demand forecasts. Our knowledge of SK products is extensive and we have first hand experience of their properties and applications.

Globally and domestically Yubase oils are renowned as Group III base oils leaders, we’re proud to recognize the quality of the product and import and distribute it to our domestic partners.

Products we supply

  • Yubase 3
  • Yubase 4
  • Yubase 4 Plus
  • Yubase 6
  • Yubase 6 Plus