We supply a wide range of Raw Materials, Solvents, and Fluids to many industries.

From very low aromatic and high purity solvents to very high viscosity process oils meeting the properties you require through our highly efficient supply chain.

Hilditch & Hilditch Oilchem Perfectly Positioned

Offering solvents and chemicals through our network of well-established partnerships the Hilditch Group of Companies maintains flexible local storage in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and production at our Epping, Victoria facility we also accommodate customer-specific formulations.

Maintaining a full range of solvents including, but not limited to Alcohols, Aliphatic, De-aromatised, Esters, Fuel products, Hydrocarbons, Isoparaffinic, Kerosene grades, Ketones, Resins we meet industry requirements.

Benefits for Industry:

  • Flexible storage in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane
  • Hilditch Oilchem blending and distribution

SK global chemical Partnership

SK global chemical was the first naptha-cracking facility in Korea, in 1972. Since then Hilditch has maintained a trade relationship with SK and subsequently import a wide range of petrochemical products to suit our industry partners’ requirements.

Industry’s we service:

  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Surface Coatings
  • Transport