In 2010, Chevron became the first base oil supplier to establish a dedicated Group II base oil hub in Australia.  Since then, reliable supply of Group II base oils has given Australian lubricant blenders the opportunity to optimise formulations for existing specifications while honing supply chain economics and formulating strategies when transitioning to tightening specifications. 

Chevron’s growing Group II presence in Australia will enhance formulating flexibility for the region’s marketers of premium lubricants. Chevron’s extensive qualifications portfolio coupled with Hilditch’s in-region knowledge and services backed up by Chevron’s marketing and technical support can help formulators seamlessly integrate Chevron Group II base oils into their supply chain.

Hilditch inventory Chevron Neutral Oils 150R and 600R in Port Kembla, New South Wales which is conveniently located for many lubricant blenders. 

Products we supply

  • Chevron 150R
  • Chevron 600R
  • Chevron 100R (coming soon)
  • Chevron 220R (coming soon)