We supply diesel fuels and Autogas for transport groups across Australia.

In step with Australian transport companies, our fuel delivery solutions keep pace with sophisticated logistics businesses.

LPG Delivery

Our presence in the competitive fuel market is made possible by our experience and professional relationships with key supplier and logistics providers. As a Viva distributor, we are approved loaders of Viva propane, butane, and LPG. Our fleet of rigid tankers makes it possible to maintain market-sensitive prices and service tough-to-access tanks.

  • Established Viva relationship and load approvals for fuel supply
  • Rigid and Semi tanker fleet for servicing small to large requirements

Diesel Delivery

We supply a range of diesel services across multiple industries. For our transport customers we provide high flow diesel pumps and pods in industrial areas for fast fill and pricing to match high volume purchases. We provide services for Australian logistic companies and local industrial equipment contractors.

  • High flow diesel pods for fast and easy delivery
  • Our rates incentivise high volume customers in industrial areas

Hilditch Oilchem

LPG and Diesel delivery services are operated from Epping, Victoria. Our team of fuel and logistics specialists work together to create cost-effective delivery scheduling to give our industry partners the lowest possible rate. At Hilditch Oilchem we maintain our fleet of tankers and operate them with our full-time drivers.

For information and detail on product availability and service email our sales staff here.